Plaswood, the preferred choice for urban landscaping improvements

Plaswood landscaping products used by South Lanarkshire Council as part of their HomeHappening housing improvement programme. In addition to modernising 25,000 Kitchens and 22,500 Bathrooms, South Lanarkshire Council was also seeking to deliver a number of Environmental improvement projects; these projects ranged from footpath and roadway improvements, lighting and lock-up repairs, and landscaping and fencing improvements in an integrated, cross-resource approach to tackling environmental issues in consultation and collaboration with local communities in the South Lanarkshire area.

Yvonne Templeton, landscape officer, explained: “These issues frequently include areas with concentrated anti-social behaviour problems, waste management and areas of poor visual quality and the aim of South Lanarkshire’s environmental improvement projects is to create a sense of ownership and responsibly for the area being developed. Lister Tower in East Kilbride was one of the selected sites, it required a high quality fencing finish for the communal garden areas, so after considering the options, it was decided that Plaswood fencing met all our criteria. It was selected for the following reasons:


• It is a durable, attractive material which requires no maintenance

• Although it costs a little more initially, whole-life costs are comparable with natural timber and other products

• It is more resistant to vandalism and graffiti can be power-washed off.

• It looks like timber - not like plastic

• It can be produced in a range of colours

• It uses recycled products and meets the LA21 sustainability agenda, and

• It can easily and quickly be erected by fencers.”


Plaswood sales manager Kim Homer, of Dumfries-based BPI Recycled Products, commented; “We’re delighted to be involved with the HomeHappening environmental improvement projects.

“As a result of the increasing need for sustainability within our economy, the environmental benefits of recycling plastic are becoming better recognised as this diverts waste from landfill and conserves resources.


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